Weathering The Storm

How Boutique Asset Managers Are Adjusting to the New Reality

A global recession. Stay-at-home orders affecting billions of people worldwide. The most job losses since the Great Depression. Entire industries teetering on bankruptcy. And the end of the decade-long bull market.

No one could anticipate the havoc the rapid spread of COVID-19 would wreak upon the global economy, including most asset managers. With the broad market delivering double-digit returns in 2019 and hitting new highs as late as February of this year, few were prepared for the S&P 500 to drop by 30% in March and the period of dramatic swings that have followed.

In this unprecedented environment, Sondhelm Partners wanted to get the pulse on how boutique firms are handling this crisis in a variety of areas, from dealing with lower revenues to adjusting their sales and marketing practices to reflect the current stay-at-home working environment. We asked 55 C-level executives at boutique asset managers to take an anonymous survey that captured their opinions about the state of their business, the effectiveness of their sales and marketing processes and client retention.

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"89% are committed to giving clients and prospects access to their portfolio managers, either via webinars and conference calls or through market commentaries, blog posts, videos, and podcasts.”


"With webinars and videoconferencing becoming the “new normal” for business meetings and presentations, only 38% believe their virtual communications programs are as good as they could be."


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