Webinar Replay 

Fireside Chat: The Pandemic, Strategic Plans and Growth

Presented by UMB and Sondhelm Partners (November 18, 2021)

The panelists shared specific, actionable insights on how they are going all-in for growth in 2022.

Thoughtful discussion centered on why they are partnering with other asset managers, tips for sales team management, digital tools to harness growth, content marketing and branding priorities, and more.

Insight included:

  • “The days of having an army of wholesalers may never come back. The Pandemic helped pull the asset management industry into communicating and engaging with clients digitally, in a non-traditional way.” Tim Reick, Liberty Street Funds.
  • “Traditional wholesaling will be complimented by the new normal of greater use of email, blogs, videos, and other digital formats.” Greg Bassuk, AXS Investments.
  • “Being able to create content and share ideas that pierced the intellect of our advisors was our reaction to the Pandemic.” Cole Smead, Smead Capital Management.